Co. Wicklow

Co. Wicklow:

According to MacFirbis, Main Mal, a younger brother of Cathal Mor Monarch of Ireland in the second century, was ancestor of O'Ceallaigh of Cualan. These Kellys were also referred to as Chiefs of Hy Maile. Their territory was believed to occupy north west Wicklow lying south of Tallagh along the northern slopes of the hills and stretching across the northern slopes of Glenasmole. It included Killininny, Ballycullen and Kilmacheth. They were neighbours of the O'Byrnes and the O'Tooles. This territory was wrenched from their control early in the AngloNorman invasion. The Kellys were then tenants of the new owners. From this stock, who later emigrated to Wexford, arose John Kelly, the Boy from Killane and Archbishop Michael Kelly of Sydney, Australia.