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Tomas Ó Brogan's map of the battle site.

The PDF image on the right shows the regiments that your Kelly ancestors fought in.  --------Cool----------Laughing-------------Frown----------------Cry.



As part of our Fund raising effort for “Aughrim Remembered”, John Bourke was very instrumental in arranging a Battlefield walk on the site of the Aughrim battle. We had a very good turn out and managed to raise near enough to € 500.00 for a very pleasant afternoons fun.
The walk was approx. 10 km and took a little over 2 hours to complete. Our complements to CLADA MINERAL WATERS of Galway who supplied a generous quantity of refreshing spring water when we were halfway through. Helen Mannion acted as quartermaster assisted by Mary McLoughlin.
Once again thanks to Tom Connaughton of the Ballinasloe Civil Defence who provided us with the necessary First Aid backup. Thankfully their expert skills were not required. We finished back where we started and were treated to good Aughrim hospitality. Tea and cakes in the Interpretive Centre. This was greatly appreciated by young and not so young. Our thanks to Julie Cruise who manages the centre.Each participant was awarded a parchment to record the events achievement. To the amusement of many there was an incorrect date on the certificate, this has not been rectified so you guys have a free walk coming up.
Thanks again
Joe Kelly

“Aughrim Remembered” was initiated by a member of a Kelly family, who felt that the numerous Kelly’s who fought and died at the Battle of Aughrim
in July 1691, should be commemorated in some fashion. With this in view he set
himself the task of coordinating and planning a suitable event. I talked it over in the first instance with Brendan Kelly in a pub in Aughrim. He felt my idea of a tree planting would be appropriate. Brendan undertook to introduce me to Tim Broderick an independent councillor whom he knew, both being from Kilconnell. Tim was very keen on the idea and made contact with Marie Mannion, Galway’s heritage officer. My records show the first meeting took place at 4 PM on Friday, 6 August 2010. Brendan, Tim, Marie Mannion and I, met in the rain Illustration by Sean O’Brogain ! ! ! ! outside the interpretive centre in Aughrim. The centre being closed even though it was the height of the tourist season. This was the start of several further meetings in Aughrim covering all the issues of all local interests. Our Kelly “tree” committee also met several times and enjoyed the hospitality offered by John and Sophia Kelly Byrne, in their home in Cabintely. From day one it was very clear that an event of some form would be most welcome. It was also felt that the potential for this to become an annual event was quite probable. It was also clear to me that I would get support by way of input and possibly some funding from Galway County Council.

We were not there yet. Not till I met up with Marie Mannion in her office in Galway County Council on Monday morning 7 March 2011. After a brief recap on our previous Aughrim meeting, Marie contacted by
phone Padraig Lenihan and Jerry Sullivan, both men agreeing immediately to talk on their respective subjects, and would be delighted to partake in such an event at Aughrim. We were on our way. At a further meeting in Ballinasloe, at which Mrs Maura O’Gara O’Reardon, of the Clans of Ireland was present we decided that “Aughrim Remembered”would be a fitting title of our proposed event. Prior to meeting with the local Aughrim committees, decided on a
few issues.The date of the battle was very important, and needed clarification for two important reasons. Historical correctness, and also to avoid any confusion with celebrations carried out by another tradition in our island.
i.e. 12 July. According to the Gregorian calendar, which was in use at the time and is the calendar in use today, the battle was fought on Sunday, 22 July 1691. So based on thisinformation we made our decision to go for Saturday, 22 July. The other issues to be decided on were the wording of the plaque and the type of tree we should use. We
decided on an oak tree being the symbol of strength and nobility. The wording of the plaque took a little bit of time to decide on. It was not only Kelly’s who fought at Aughrim, but many many other clans played their part. We decided on balance to commemorate all those who died, with a special reference to our ‘many kinsmen’.