Aughrim Remembered - page 3






The speakers were excellent and the talks were varied and interesting. Ranging from
archaeological discoveries, records of the gentry of east Galway and their estates, more currently
the Ireland reaching out project, to aspects of the battle. The latter has raised many interesting
questions which I understand has led to further research into the presence of irregular troops (clans) and the actions of rapparees during the conflict. There is already evidence to support the idea that clans actually fought as clans under their clan chief. The culmination of “Aughrim Remembered” was the planting of the tree. This was performed by Brian O’Kelly senior, being a retired member of the Diplomatic Corp..               

We had a short ecumenical service performed by Rev George of the Church of Ireland and Fr. Jerry Geraghty the
local parish priest. Rev George gave us anunscripted and solo rendering of ‘if you’re happy clap your hands’. Our own Fr. Celsus joined in for the blessing, so the reader can be assured our tree is well fortified with the
blessings of our christian churches.

The Piper, who was more used to playing at weddings gave us a rendering of Wooden Heart, being his idea of a lament, and the troops, who were excellent, dipped a Jacobite and Williamite flag in respect.

It must go on record that the support from the various Aughrim committees was tremendous, and they deserve the highest tribute for their magnificent cooperation
and willingness to see the job through. I include in this the management of the Aughrim
Interpretive Centre for their enthusiastic support and interfacing with the local primary schools.