At Christmas time 1351 William Bui O’Ceallaig - Chief of Ui Maine, issued an invitation to the poets, writers and artists of Ireland to a great feast at Knockcroghery, Co Roscommon. The gathering was known for William Bui’s hospitality and generosity. This was William’s poem of welcome to his guests.


The Ó Ceallaigh Welcome (Failte Ui Ceallaigh)

“A blessed, long living, great, courteous welcome,
An affectionate, charitable, just, proper, true hearted welcome,
A welcome and twenty, and I add hundreds to them,
Like the surge of the stream is my welcome to you”.


A "Failte ui Ceallaigh" welcome is extended to all who wish to learn more about the Kelly surname. So if you are an O' Kelly, Kelly, Kelley, Ó Ceallaigh, or Madden, no matter how it's spelt. If you are from the traditional locations of the Old Clans i.e. Tyrone, Wicklow, Wexford, Queens Co and Kilkenny, Meath or Ui Maine, and if you wish to learn about Kelly history, well you are in the right place. And remember Blarney is where Kelly's chat.


Because of the pandemic we have postponed  this years planned events till 2021. In the meantime stay with us and stay safe.

This years Aughrim Event Details - Upcoming Events

New Section: Interesting Kelly's introduces The Rt. Hon. Thomas Kelly

Kelly's In Uniform: Added Colonel William Kelly / Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Kelly

General Interest: Added Freemen information for Dublin and Cork

Battle of Clontarf: Added new section to Mac Liags account


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